Sep 29, 2008

Ajman authorities give a hand to man stranded at airport

Sharjah: The Ajman Naturalisation and Residency Department on Sunday morning helped to resolve the troubles of a Palestinian man who had been stranded at Sharjah Airport for a week over the status of his visit visa.

Senior officials from the department told, humanitarian reasons had been taken into account while issuing a new visit visa to Ayman Zaqout since he could not return to his home in Gaza following the closure of the Rafah crossing.

"The law is clear that people should leave the country for one month after the expiry of their visit visa in order to be able to be issued another one, said an official.

Trip to hospital

"We are keen to help people. Zaqout needed help, so we worked on issuing him a visa the moment we came to know about his ordeal, he said, urging people to be aware of the law and to stay within its purview to avoid such problems.

After leaving the airport at 4am, Zaqout went to a hospital to get treatment for a problem on one hand.

"I appreciate the efforts of the officials at Ajman residency department who helped me in my ordeal," he said.

Zaqout was detained at Sharjah airport after returning to the country from a visa run to a neighbouring country.

Zaqout's sponsor who had applied for a visa for him at the Ajman residency department was initially told that Zaqout needed to leave the country for one month after the expiry of his old visa in order to be eligible for a new one.