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Sep 13, 2008

'Glorious private parking' in Sharjah gone to waste

Dubai: Tumbleweeds are the only objects moving in the Al Jeidi Al Qasimia building parking lot in Sharjah. "Two levels of glorious private parking" is what David Baldwin thought when he moved into his new apartment, but there is one small problem ... cars cannot enter. When 51-year-old Baldwin happily drove to the car elevator to go up to his new parking spot a year ago, he noticed a chain across the elevator with a note saying "No parking". Baldwin did not mind and drove around the building to find the ramp leading to the parking - but there was none. Baldwin told: "The parking lots are on the first and second floors, so how can you go to the parking area if there are no facilities to take you there?" Walid Al Juma, another resident of the building, said: "When I first moved in, they told me not to pay for parking yet, as it was still under maintenance. One year on, I guess they are still fixing it!"

Misleading information

Baldwin said: "The lights in the parking lots are on every night to show passers-by that the building has parking. "Apparently, according to 38-year-old Al Juma, the car elevator does not work because the building does not have permission to operate an elevator. "They probably forgot to put a second elevator, which is a requirement for buildings. "We have the parking spaces, we just can't reach them," Baldwin said. Abdullah Al Jaedi, the building overseer on behalf of the landlord, told that the elevator has to be changed, but did not have any information on when it would be fixed. Baldwin has to find parking every night outside his apartment building in empty sand lots, which could result in him being fined. "I am still waiting for a solution so that I can finally park in my rightful spot, but I do not see that happening soon," Baldwin said.

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