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Oct 3, 2008

Parking Bullies Add to Woes for Motorists

Dubai - Increasing parking woes have turned people-especially the families with more than one car - into 'parking bullies', according to some residents of Dubai and Sharjah.

Residents of Hor Al Anz, Deira and Karama in Dubai say that placing warning letters on car bonnets or deflating tyres are among the bullying tactics used by ‘parking bullies’ to scare away people from parking in ‘reserved spaces’.

“Since I am a resident of Hor Al Anz in Deira for a long time, I know that there are certain groups of people who claim at least three or more parking spaces for their own vehicles illegally,” says Irfan Shah, who once parked his car in ‘their parking space’.

“The next day, I found that two tyres of my car had been deflated by some unknown person. Because I did not have proof of who did that, I could not alert the police,” he adds.

Residents also say that use of abusive language and scratch marks on cars are also used as intimidatory tactics. Parking of a vehicle to block space for at least two cars, too, is indulged in by those who own more than one car.

“Once, an empty parking space was blocked with stones. There was a note that read, “Do not park here. It is against the law,” alleges Mark D’Souza, a resident of Sharjah. “And when I parked there after removing the stones since it was a free parking space inside a parking lot, the next day I found my car tyres deflated. This is highly unethical and authorities should take steps to stop such a practice,” he adds.

Voicing similar concerns, Mohammed Abdullah, a resident of Deira, says, “Parking lots are for everyone unless and until specified as reserved for handicaps. But several people have different opinions, and they somehow capture the place for their vehicles.”

Recalling an incident, Abdullah says, “After driving around for several minutes, I finally spotted a vacant slot. As I headed towards it, I found a young boy standing there.

“Despite my honking, he refused to budge saying that this place was reserved for his father’s car which could be arriving any moment soon.”

“I felt frustrated and drove away.

“Since it was a child, I did not take it seriously and did not bother calling the police,” he says, adding that such incidents were seen in a lot of places in the emirate now.

Blocking of free parking spaces anywhere in the emirate is illegal and strict action will be taken against those violating the law, said an official at the Roads and Transport Authority, adding that such people could face fines.

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