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Nov 25, 2008

RTA taxi initiatives are most welcome

Passengers driving in Dubai-registered taxis must be delighted at the news that they will not have to pay the Salik road toll from next month.

This is a great initiative by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), which is aimed at cutting fuel consumption for taxi drivers who choose longer routes to avoid the toll gate, and maintaining a positive image of the emirate.

Many residents had shied away from using taxis because of the high cost. Without a doubt, this move will encourage them to use taxis more often as their journeys begin to cost less. As a result, they may choose to use their cars less frequently and thus help reduce congestion on the roads.

Equally significant is the announcement that 1,500 new taxis will be introduced next year to address the serious shortage. Hopefully, we will also start to feel the impact of RTA's other recent initiative, District Taxis, whereby taxis are deployed in areas which suffer from short supply.

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