Apr 15, 2009

Camel cloning a big breakthrough

The birth of the first cloned camel is a positive step in terms of it being a scientific breakthrough. The female calf, named Injaz, which means achievement, was produced at the Camel Reproduction Centre (CRC) in Dubai. This achievement will be beneficial in a variety of areas. The cloning experiment will not only help produce genetically superior camels, but more importantly, will also preserve rare species of animals from becoming extinct. "This significant breakthrough gives a means of preserving the valuable genetics of our elite racing and milk-producing camels in the future", Dr Lulu Skidmore, Scientific Director of CRC, said. The newly cloned camel is a scientific experiment that will facilitate future plans in the field of preservation and protection of a breed that is greatly important to the UAE's culture and environment. These new techniques ensure the appropriate use and role of such programmes.

Country's role in fighting human trafficking lauded

Abu Dhabi: A UN representative praised the UAE for its leading role in combating human trafficking, which is an alarming issue for human societies. Mohammad Emhammad Abdul Aziz, Regional Representative of UN United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and Human Trafficking, said the UAE's efforts are appreciated at the international level. "The UAE came ahead of many countries in the legislative and institutional fields and in setting laws to eliminate this cross-continent crime against humanity," Abdul Aziz said. He expressed his admiration of the UAE's experience in setting up shelters for human trafficking victims and the medical, psychological and legal services offered by these centres to victims.

The official on Tuesday visited the UAE Red Crescent Authority headquarters, where he was received by Chairwoman of the shelters for human trafficking victims, Sana'a Darwish Al Kitbi, Adviser on Human Affairs to Shaikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister, and acting Board Chairman of the RCA. They discussed cooperation and coordination between both sides and how to benefit from the UN regional office's experience to enrich the UAE's experience in the field of shelters through offering technical consultation and designing programmes to achieve the targets of these care centres. Abdul Aziz said 80 per cent of Arab countries do not deal transparently with issues related to human trafficking, and prefer to remain silent about it, although there is increasing awareness of this issue.

RAK to unveil new rules for jet ski rental shops

Ras Al Khaimah: The Police Marine Rescue Department has announced it will be setting new rules to monitor shops which rent out water sports equipment such as jet skis. The announcement came in the wake of two incidents in which two Emiratis and a Pakistani had narrow escapes after their rented water scooters turned upside down. Major Shaikh Majid Bin Salem Al Qasimi, who heads the Police Marine Rescue Department said that in the first incident, two Emiratis were rescued after their water scooter overturned on RAK Creek. He added his department received a report from the police operations room about two victims who were struggling to stay afloat amid the high waves after their vehicle had turned upside down.

He added that a team of rescuers reached the two victims and brought them to shore where first aid was administered and they were later taken to hospital. Major Shaikh Majid urged shops which rent out such equipment to suspend their business in bad weather to spare their clients the possible dangers of the sea. He added that such accidents in bad weather could easily result in death or serious injury. He stressed that a new law to organise the operations of these shops will be imposed shortly to ensure the maximum safety of the public.

In another incident which was reported an hour after the case of the two Emiratis rescuers rushed to Al Muaireed shore to save the life of a Pakistani who was on the verge of drowning, and believed to have been using a water vehicle. The rescuers brought the 20-year-old Pakistani identified as D.A from the sea and administered first aid at the scene, he was later admitted to hospital.The initial report which the Police Marine Rescue Department received from the police operations room stated that the victim had already drowned and that the rescuers were to search for the body. Upon arrival the rescuers found that the Pakistani was still alive but was in urgent need of help which he received and he was later taken later to hospital in an ambulance. A new set of rules will be implemented by Ras Al Khaimah's Police Marine Rescue Department, after two near-miss jet ski accidents recently. This picture is for illustrative purposes only.

Dubai Metro finishes tunnelling work

Dubai: The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has achieved another milestone on the construction of Dubai Metro with the completion of tunnelling work on both the Red and the Green Lines. "The tunnelling work has been completed and the tunnel boring machines named Al Wugeisha have been dismantled," said Engineer Adnan Al Hammadi, Director of Construction of Dubai Metro at the RTA's Rail Agency. He said the construction of the 12.6km underground tracks for the Dubai Metro was the most critical phase of the 74.6km-long project. "The metro track goes underground in the Central Business District on both sides of the Dubai Creek and runs under the buildings, road corridors and also passes under the creek waters at two locations," Al Hammadi added.He reiterated that the Dubai Metro project is well on schedule and the Red Line will open for public transport on September 9. The Green Line is scheduled to open in March next year. One of the longest tunnels is between the Burjuman Centre and the Union Square Stations, which are the two largest underground stations on the metro network. These two stations are also called "transfer" stations where the Red and the Green Lines will cross each other. Some 1.479km-long tunnel, which also passes under the creek to connect these two stations.The tunnel that connects Union Square Station to Riqqa Underground Station is 948 metres long while the length of the tunnel that connects Riqqa Station to Deira City Centre Station is 1,168 metres.The total length of underground metro on the 52.1km long Red Line is 4.7km. The excavation diameter of the tunnel is 9.6 metres and its internal diameter is 8.5 metres. Al Hammadi said around 90 per cent work on the Red Line has been completed and some 55 per cent of the Green Line. Some 44 trains have already arrived at the Jebel Ali Depot in Dubai and are being tested.

Race against time: Some critical work left There are a few works yet to be done on the Dubai Metro which the entire project team is committed to completing on time, said Engineer Adnan Al Hammadi, Director of Construction for Dubai Metro at the RTA's Rail Agency. He said one of the main work to be completed on the Red Line are the completion of fittings and cladding of installations at the stations and entrance pods. Work on viaduct emergency evacuation staircases, access roads to the stations and cladding of installation at the car parks and depots are also yet to be completed. "We are all set to start on schedule," he added.