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Apr 15, 2009

RAK to unveil new rules for jet ski rental shops

Ras Al Khaimah: The Police Marine Rescue Department has announced it will be setting new rules to monitor shops which rent out water sports equipment such as jet skis. The announcement came in the wake of two incidents in which two Emiratis and a Pakistani had narrow escapes after their rented water scooters turned upside down. Major Shaikh Majid Bin Salem Al Qasimi, who heads the Police Marine Rescue Department said that in the first incident, two Emiratis were rescued after their water scooter overturned on RAK Creek. He added his department received a report from the police operations room about two victims who were struggling to stay afloat amid the high waves after their vehicle had turned upside down.

He added that a team of rescuers reached the two victims and brought them to shore where first aid was administered and they were later taken to hospital. Major Shaikh Majid urged shops which rent out such equipment to suspend their business in bad weather to spare their clients the possible dangers of the sea. He added that such accidents in bad weather could easily result in death or serious injury. He stressed that a new law to organise the operations of these shops will be imposed shortly to ensure the maximum safety of the public.

In another incident which was reported an hour after the case of the two Emiratis rescuers rushed to Al Muaireed shore to save the life of a Pakistani who was on the verge of drowning, and believed to have been using a water vehicle. The rescuers brought the 20-year-old Pakistani identified as D.A from the sea and administered first aid at the scene, he was later admitted to hospital.The initial report which the Police Marine Rescue Department received from the police operations room stated that the victim had already drowned and that the rescuers were to search for the body. Upon arrival the rescuers found that the Pakistani was still alive but was in urgent need of help which he received and he was later taken later to hospital in an ambulance. A new set of rules will be implemented by Ras Al Khaimah's Police Marine Rescue Department, after two near-miss jet ski accidents recently. This picture is for illustrative purposes only.

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