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Dec 13, 2009

Spate of accidents as heavy rain lashes the city

Abu Dhabi: A spate of accidents, especially rollovers, was recorded in the capital as rain continues to lash the city.

The police have called on motorists for increased vigil as many of the accidents were caused due to hydroplaning.

In less than an hour, two rollover accidents were reported in Khaleej Al Arabi Street and Mohammad Bin Khalifa street, a police official told Gulf News.

“The drivers escaped with minor injuries in both the accidents”, said the official, who asked not to be named. Preliminary investigations suggest the accidents were caused due to skidding as the drivers failed to slow down despite the roads being slippery.

Ambulance and rescue team members had an unusually busy day, they said, due to increased number of emergency calls.

“Many motorists ignore the unstable weather and poor visibility and continue to drive as usual, which leads to accidents. In such weather there is a big possibility of losing control of the vehicle if one is not especially careful”, said a rescue official.
The city’s internal roads were all choked with long tailbacks as streets and parking lots were flooded.

Civil defence teams pumped out water from some areas in the city.

The Interior ministry renewed their call on residents to follow safety precautions whether at home or on the roads to avoid mishaps.

Brigadier General Mohammad Saleh Baddah, head of the Public relations at the ministry, stressed that safety of children must be a priority. “Watch over children, especially in areas where water gets collected.”

Giving pointers on electrical safety at homes, Brigadier General Baddah, said: “During rain, all exposed electrical wires must be removed for safety reasons. Make sure to cover from rain, electrical appliances such as water pumps. Replace water heaters older than five years.”

He urged motorists to keep speed to the minimum. “Yield to emergency vehicles and ambulances as it could help save lives”, he added.

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