Nov 27, 2010

Abu Dhabi Police begins online service to issue good conduct certificate

Abu Dhabi: The ID card holders no longer need to visit the offices of Abu Dhabi police to apply for good conduct certificate, but it can be done online, the police said in a statement on Saturday.

The ID card holders in all three regions in the emirate - Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Western Region - can log on to and apply for good conduct certificate with immediate effect.

Captain Sultan Al Tunaiji, the head of fingerprints section at Abu Dhabi Police said that the initiative is part of Abu Dhabi Police's strategy to make the transactions easier for the public. The applicants can complete the process online by giving all the required information, he said.

The police will process the application the next day and send an SMS to the applicants, Tunaiji said. The applicants can collect the certificate from the nearest police station as mentioned in the SMS, the officer said.

The applicants have to give either ID card number or passport number and mobile phone number, and upload the copy of the passport or ID card and photo with the online application, he said.

The fingerprints of the applicants will be verified with the finger prints stored on the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) system to check the clean record of the applicant, Al Tunaiji said.

About 2,600,0000 fingerprints have been registered with the EIDA system, which will be accessible to Abu Dhabi Police, he said.

About half of them have been uploaded to Abu Dhabi police system and the rest of them will be uploaded within a few days, Al Tunaiji said.

The certificate can be used for all official purposes, the said.

The certificate can be obtained on the same day, if the applicant pays an extra amount.

It will be issued in either English or Arabic as per the choice of the applicant.

An extra amount has to be paid for the translated version of the certificate .

Those who have left the country can take the printout of the application from the website, fill it out and send to Abu Dhabi police by post with required documents. (Adress: P.B. 253, Abu Dhabi Police, Abu Dhabi, UAE).

Apart from the required fee, the applicant has to pay Dh20 extra for postal charges for the certificate to be sent by post.

The Police have set up 11 centres across the emirate – seven in Abu Dhabi, three in the western region and one in Al Ain - to deal with the applications.

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