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Aug 21, 2008

Mission Visa

Mission Visa (for temporary work in the UAE). Mission visa would be open to all businesses for any type of employee. This is open to all companies regardless of size. Those arriving on Mission visa can change to another visa after a period of 3 months or 60 days.

This is a relatively new visa arrangement intended for people working in the UAE temporarily with the permission of the Labour Ministry. The DNRD website information is not very clear - this information comes from articles in the press.
Visa is issued for 3 months, cost is 600 dhs. Extension for another 3 months costs 1200 dhs. Maximum stay is 180 days (so if you stay 6 months, you may be in trouble for the extra couple of days although there is apparently a grace period of 7 days for 3 month visas - may not apply for the second 3 months).
Apparently you need to get a Temporary Work Permit from the Ministry of Labour first before applying for the Mission Visa. MOL website does not have further information about a TWP (at least, not in English).

Special Mission Entry Visa - 14 days: This is somewhere between a transit and visit/tourist visa. A company or hotel needs to obtain it and you can collect it on arrival. Validity is 14 days non-renewable, fee is 220 dhs plus 10 dh delivery charge

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kdqued said...

I'm from philippines,I went to Abu Dhabi under mission visa Last Aug.2010,I resigned last Oct.12,2010.the problem is my employer did not cancel my labour card which was expired last Nov. 18,2010 & does not want to cancel it.what will I do?please help!