Apr 27, 2018

Your visa lapses 6 months after exiting UAE

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Your visa lapses 6 months after exiting UAE

You may request your employer to settle all your dues and cancel your visa, so that it will enable you to look for a new employment in the UAE. Alternatively, your visa will automatically lapse after six months from the date you left the UAE.

What to do if UAE residence visa renewal is turned down

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What to do if UAE residence visa renewal is turned down

Renewal of residence visa of an expatriate in UAE is at the discretion of The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (the 'DNRD') who renew visa in normal course if there is no criminal charge against a person. In this case, there are criminal charges pending against you before the Dubai courts. It is not clear whether your passport is held by the court or it is with you. In any event, you may request the court to allow you to renew your visa and that of your family members. Should the court consider your request favourably, it will issue instructions to DNRD to renew your visa. Thereafter, you may renew the visa of your family members. For further advice, it is recommended to approach a legal counsel in the UAE

Which UAE visa is right for you? Here are the options

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Which UAE visa is right for you? Here are the options

Whether you want to work or simply visit the UAE, several visas are available that can suit your travel plans. While the country issues many other kinds of visas, we're just going to talk about the most common ones. Below are five visas one can use to enter the UAE.

Tourist visa

As it says on the tin, a tourist visa is used by travellers whose purpose in the country is for tourism. The visa permits the holder to stay in the country for 30 days. To get one, you'll need sponsorship by a UAE airline, hotel and tour operators. Each UAE airline offers visa services when you fly with them. Apart from that, travel agents and hotels can also arrange a tourist visa for you. 

Visit visa

You'll need a friend or relative residing in the country to sponsor your UAE visit visa. They can apply for your visa at any GDRFA office across the emirate and the process takes a few days. After the visa is issued, your sponsor should send you a copy of your permit through fax or email. He should submit the original permit to the airport. When you arrive at the airport, you can collect it from there. It is necessary for you to receive a copy of your entry permit before you leave your country.

Transit visa

Have a connecting flight with a lengthy stopover? If you're just passing by, UAE airlines also issue transit visas valid for those whose stopover exceeds 8 hours. Passengers with transit visas must leave the country within 96 hours of arrival. If you have a shorter transit time, worry not! Dubai Airports recently proposed that transit passengers may soon be able to experience the city as part of the Dubai 10X initiative. 

Employment visa

An employment visa, also known as a work permit, is issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. It's valid for two months from the date of issuance and you'll need one if you're looking to work in the UAE. As of late February,  residents who are changing jobs in the UAE will no longer need a good conduct certificate for the visa if they are in the country.

Residence visa

The residence visa is the next step after securing an employment visa. Think of it as an evolution of the latter. To secure this, you'll need to get a medical test and apply for another document - the Emirates ID. The UAE Resident Identity Card certifies that the holder is a valid UAE resident. After the whole process is complete, you can now sponsor your family members and bring them into the country as well.