Sep 17, 2008

Dusty weather to will help bring down temperatures in UAE

Dubai: North-Westerly winds will continue to kick up dust in most of the Emirates on Wednesday reducing visibility but will help bring down temperatures to around 37 degrees Celsius, according to the Dubai met office. While it is not as hot compared to the seasonal average this month, humidity is running at a very high at 80 degrees plus, making it uncomfortable, said Dr S.K. Gupta, duty forecaster. There is a strong chance of early morning fog in Ras Al Khaimah on Wednesday and low clouds developing over Dubai, making it overcast over the emirate. The scattered clouds will hover at around 2000 metres. The dust reduced visibility to 500 meters on Tuesday afternoon and there was early morning fog in Sharjah, Dr. Gupta said.

Things are going to hot up again on Thursday and Friday when the South-Easterly winds come inland and the temperature will go up to 41 degrees Celsius. But it will dry up on Friday with humidity levels going down.