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Sep 5, 2008

Parking fines waived after machines act up

Sharjah: Residents in Sharjah had their parking fines for the first three days of Ramadan waived due to prevailing confusion over new paid parking timings.  Paid parking timings have been extended during Ramadan from 8am to 1pm and from 7.30pm until midnight. However, residents voiced concerns after parking metres continue to issue tickets displaying times from 5pm to 10pm.  "The parking machines still run as per the old timings, and this is causing enormous confusion," said Trevor Fernandes, a resident of Abu Shagara.  "I am very worried that I will be slapped with a fine, even though I am not at fault. The authorities should fix the machines as soon as possible," said Ebrahim Fakih, another Sharjah resident.  "Parking inspectors were instructed not to issue any fines on that day [Tuesday], but the problem was corrected the next day. We understand that people may still be unaware about the new timings, and that is why residents up till now have not received any parking fines after 10pm," said Tareq Bin Kalban, Acting Head of the Operation Section at the Department of Transport and Freight, Sharjah Municipality.  If residents are faced with any problems related to parking metres, they are instructed to call the Department of Transport and Freight 24-hour hotline 800833.

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