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Sep 20, 2008

UAE lifts ban on Somali sheep, goats

The ban on imports of sheep and goats from Somali cities of Bosaso and Barbara was lifted yesterday by a resolution by Minister of Water and Environment Dr. Rashid Ahmed Bin Fahad. Accordingly, any sheep and goat shipments from the said Somali areas have to be coming directly from the designated quarantines. The resolution demands the castration of male sheep and goats, an import licence, a certificate of origin, health certificate issued by relevant veterinarian authorises stating that the sheep and goats were quarantined no less than 7 days at the relevant facilities at Bosaso and Barbara sea ports. It also demands valid certificates from laboratories stating that the sheep and goats are free from rift valley fever, foot and mouth disease and other diseases. Vaccination of sheep should take place at least 21 days before shipping date and detailed data on vaccinations should be clearly stated. – Emirates News Agency, WAM

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