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Nov 25, 2008

How to get your identity card

Dubai: In April 2006 the UAE Government introduced a single identity card. This card is compulsory for everyone living legally in the UAE, including nationals, expatriates and GCC citizens.

The Emirates Identity Authority has rolled out the first phase, as part of a three-year plan.

In the future, the cards will be used as a travel document within the GCC. However, when the scheme was introduced for expatriates, 'not many' expatriates actually turned up to take part in the scheme.

Registration for expatriates working in government departments commenced on June 1, after being postponed from May 1 because of the number of Emiratis that had not finished registration.

Other sectors will need to register for the cards according to a schedule that is to be announced.

It is mandatory for expatriates who are at least 15 years old living lawfully in the UAE to obtain a registration card.

For children below 15, registration for the Population Register and ID card programme is also mandatory, although having an ID for them is a matter of choice and is subject to a guardian's consent.

The Population Register includes a centralised database that includes the aim of upgrading governmental services and putting an end to forgery.

Registration: How to apply for an ID card

1. Book an online appointment
2. Before going for your appointment, fill in an online application form from the EIDA website ( and take a printout, using a laser printer.
3. Visit the nearest EIDA service centre and pay the registration fee, while submitting your form.
4. Allow biometric and fingerprinting to be done and get your original documents scanned.
5. You can either choose to have your ID card sent to you by Empost or personally collect it after 3 working days.

EIDA can also be contacted on: 600 523 432

Documents and fees

  • UAE Nationals: Original Family Book and Passport. Dh100
  • UAE Residents: Original passport. Dh100 per year of visa validity.
  • Lost or damaged card: Dh300

Source: Emirates ID Authority

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