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Nov 25, 2008

The registration process

Where to register?

You can register at any of the more than 25 EIDA centres across the UAE. To get the address, phone number and location map of each centre,

log on to /html/english2/21.html or call the toll free number 600523432.

Centres are open from 7.30am to 8.30pm from Sunday to Thursday. Major centres are open half day on Saturdays.

Do I have to book an appointment to register and how will I know if the appointment I booked online is confirmed?

Appointments are not mandatory and it is an extra add-on service offered by the authority. However, when booking an appointment, the application process function is based on the following steps:

1- Click on the appointment system link from the main website

2- From the appointment system page, click the service type you would like to have:

a. Cancel/Update Appointment (requires your booking number)

b. Mobile Appointment (please note that the main reason for launching this first-ever mobile registration service in the UAE is for elderly and people with special needs who are not able to visit registration centres)

c. Appointment booking

i. Fill the form with the following information: your name, nationality, mobile number, appointment type "personal or family", gender and count of family members, residential Emirate, nearby centre, and SMS language preference. Then click Next.

ii. An SMS with confirmation/reference code to prove the authenticity of the process and requestor shall be sent to the provided mobile number. It reads (Emirates Identity Authority Welcomes you to its Registration Appointment System, please use the following number to confirm your appointment #########", please enter this code in the reference box, then the "OK" box

iii. Appointments are subject to availability and number of applicants. Select the preferred week, date and time. If available, finish the process to get a second SMS with the confirmation code detailing the date and time of the appointment and the selected registration centre.

iv. With this code you must come in to the centre by at least 15 to 20 minutes prior to the appointment to confirm your appointment using the Kiosk machines or at the customer service desk.

3- Residents who do not make prior appointments can walk into any registration centre of the EIDA and apply for the ID card (first-come-first served, and it is subject to centre registration capacity and number of confirmed appointments.)

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