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Jul 23, 2009

Abu Dhabi Police plan to establish modern GIS security centre

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police plan to set up a security centre for Geographic Information System (GIS) in an attempt to apply geographical applications and solutions in police work, a senior security official said.

"A clear-cut strategy has been chalked out that incorporates the project into key strategies of Abu Dhabi Government and Ministry of Interior," Lieutenant Colonel Nasser Al Maskari, Chairman of the GIS Project Committee, said.

"The core idea is to develop smart security system that backs up all police activities and missions and enhances integration of information and knowledge-based security systems under a comprehensive strategy. It helps provide timely, much-needed information to operations rooms, patrols, personnel, crime scene investigations, and criminal evidence. It locates critical sites and backs decision-makers for sake of change and relays knowledge," he said.

According to him, the project will cover all organisational entities and formations for Abu Dhabi Police, other police forces in other emirates, military, civil and security agencies, educational institutions and public universities.

"The strategic initiative will be executed in three phases: The first phase, which envisages the development of the GIS strategy, will be completed during the current month. The second phase of designing appropriate GIS solutions and applications will be ready by mid-September to be followed by the third phase of the full fledge implementation of the project that will span from 2010 to 2014," he said.

GIS captures, stores, analyzes, manages, and presents data that is linked to location. Technically, GIS is geographic information systems that include mapping software and its application with remote sensing, land surveying, aerial photography, mathematics, geography and tools that can be implemented with GIS software.

In the strictest sense, the term describes any information system that integrates, stores, edits, analyzes, shares, and displays geographic information.

In a more generic sense, GIS applications are tools that allow users to create interactive queries (user created searches), analyze spatial information, edit data, maps, and present the results of all these operations.

For police application, it delivers information to the nearest police patrol or centre, guides policemen, rescuers or firefighters to the easiest and quickest roads to accident site.

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