Jul 24, 2011

Students may be allowed to work part-time

Dubai: Students in the UAE may soon be allowed to work part-time in Tecom free zones, a top official said.

Mana Al Zarouni, Director of Investor Relations and Government Services Oper-ations, Tecom Investments, told XPRESS that expatriate students will soon be able to benefit from part-time internships in free zone companies.

Although he did not give further details, the provisions are believed to be in line with the new part-time work permits announced under Cabinet Resolution No. 25 of 2010.

Under the new legislation announced in January, students on university sponsorships or children above 18 years qualify for the permit as co-dependent sponsored residents.

Additionally, the Ministry of Labour introduced the Juvenile Persons Work Permit specifically for resident children aged between 15-18 years who wish to take up part-time employment.

This work permit, covers the conditions of issuing permits to minors, stating that the parent and employer must provide an undertaking that the minor will not take up hazardous jobs and will not work for more than six hours a day or from 8pm to 6am.

Nuria Gonsalez Martin, HR Director of the Dubai-based RealHR Consultancy & Recruitment. "Students do work as freelancers and volunteers in hospitality and other sectors, but these new provisions will give legality to what they do," it said.

Shyamala Elongo, Director, Inner Universe, a Dubai-based counselling centre, said it would help students be in actual work environments. "Medical schools would expect students to have exposure to an environment involving healthcare," she said.

"Similarly, in engineering and mass communication, internships add value to the CV," she noted.

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