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Mar 10, 2016

Indian rupee firm after 2016 Union budget

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Indian rupee firm after 2016 Union budget

Indian rupee witnessed the sixth straight rally on Friday and surged to a fresh two and half months high of 67.08 by gaining another 26 paise against the US dollar.

The Indian rupee is on a firmer footing just days after the announcement of the Union Budget 2016 and expected to maintain the trend, according to an industry expert.
Indian rupee witnessed the sixth straight rally on Friday and surged to a fresh two and half months high of 67.08 by gaining another 26 paise against the US dollar.
For the week, the rupee has shot up by a whopping 154 paise, or 2.24 per cent. The rupee opened this year at 66.17 against the greenback. The budget stopped the free-fall of Indian rupee that crossed 68 during the year.
"Even with the rupee gaining strength, it being the beginning of the month and salaries in the hands of people, the number of transaction as well as volume sent across to India is expected to remain on par with normal performance for the time being," Adeeb Ahamed, CEO, LuLu International Exchange, told Khaleej Times.
Last Monday, India's finance minister Arun Jaitely unveiled an Rs19.8 trillion, or $289 billion, budget that aims to cut the central government deficit while spending heavily on rural infrastructure.
On the budget day, domestic bonds and the rupee rallied after Jaitley said the government would stick to its fiscal deficit target for 2016-17, raising expectations the country's central bank may cut interest rates before its next policy review in April.
The rupee had fluctuated between 18.35-18.65 to UAE dirham this past one month. The year had begun with the rupee at 17.96 to UAE dirham, and it will only be a matter of time before the rupee returns to sub-18 levels.
"According to current trends, the rupee is strengthening on the back of good market scenario in India and across the world in general," Ahamed said.
The rupee also strengthened on hopes the budget would support economic growth and attract more foreign inflows. Traders hoped the government's decision could spur the Reserve Bank of India to cut interest rates by 25 basis points.

UAE back to normal after rain disruptions

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UAE back to normal after rain disruptions

Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has urged motorists to avoid using Sheikh Zayed Road due to water logging.

Life has returned to normal in UAE on Thursday after heavy rain that lashed the Emirates on Wednesday.
The National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) released the weather forecast for the upcoming days in the UAE.
According to NCMS:
The Intensity of instability conditions goes to be weakened gradually while the amounts of clouds will increase over scattered northern and eastern areas accompanied with towering clouds with chance of scattered rain/shower. Moderate to fresh winds in general. The relative humidity will increase during night and early morning especially the western internal areas

Banned in Dubai: Airport list of items prohibited as hand luggage

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Banned in Dubai: Airport list of items prohibited as hand luggage

Airport security procedures are continually enhanced and altered in countries and airports across the worldwide, all geared up to ensure the safety of the passengers.
Different airlines have their list of items that can be carried as cabin luggage.
According to aviation body Iata, more than 60 airlines in the world have a total ban on the carriage of balance wheels, hoverboards and other self-balancing vehicles in passenger baggage.
These include Dubai’s Emirates, Abu Dhabi’s Etihad, and other regional airlines like Qatar Airways, Gulf Air, Oman Air and Saudi Arabian Airlines besides other international ones like Delta, Southwest, United, Air Canada, Qantas, Air France, Jet Airways and many more.
But while hoverboards are banned from being carried on as hand luggage or checked-in baggage, there are several other items of daily use may not be carried in the cabin.
Dubai Airports has published a list of items that passengers are prohibited from taking in as hand luggage.
Travellers are advised to make sure that they do not have these items in their carry-on baggage to avoid delays or problems at the airport.
Dubai Airports has listed 19 items that are prohibited as checked in luggage items.
Here is the list.
1. All types of hammers
2. All types of nails
3. All types of screwdrivers and sharp work tools
4. All types of scissors with blades longer than 6cm
5. Personal grooming kit (parts longer than 6cm will be confiscated)
6. All types of swords and sharp objects
7. Handcuffs
8. All types of laser guns
9. All types of replica firearms
10. All types of firearms, ammunition and flare guns
11. All types of lighters (only one lighter is permitted)
12. All types of bats
13. All types of martial art weapons
14. Drills
15. All types of ropes
16. All types of measuring tapes
17. Packing tape
18. Electrical cables except for personal use
19. Walkie-talkie
In addition, liquids over 100ml are prohibited in carry-on baggage anywhere in the world.
Dubai Airports also has a set of baggage regulations and packing suggestions.
• Please do not carry liquids over 100ml in your hand luggage.
• Place containers in a clear, resealable plastic bag.
• Put the resealable bag in your hand luggage.
Generally two pieces of baggage are allowed for international travel, with the total weight not exceeding 32kg. However, this may vary by airline and fare type. Check with your airline before you fly.
Baggage larger than 90cm long, 75cm high and 60cm wide, or that does not have a single flat surface, will need to be checked in at the oversized baggage counter. Please allow extra time to check-in oversize baggage, according to a Dubai Airports advisory.
Also remember that excess baggage must be repacked to ensure that no single bag is over 32kg in weight.
In addition, if your check-in or carry-on baggage goes above the airline-specified weight quota, an excess baggage fees applies.
If you know that you will be going over-quota, it is better to purchase excess baggage allowance prior to the departure day as it will typically cost you more at the airport.
General tips
• Pack personal belongings in your hand luggage.
• Keep a laptop where it can be easily reached: you’ll need to place it in a separate security tray at the security scan.
• Always remove old baggage tags. They may cause the baggage system to reject the bag they’re attached to.
• Avoid using cardboard boxes. They need to be processed manually, which takes longer. And they’re not as durable.
• Don’t forget travel insurance.

24-hour jail for using cell phone while driving in Saudi Arabia

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24-hour jail for using cell phone while driving in Saudi Arabia

Motorists caught using their phones while driving would be jailed for 24 hours, and have their licenses suspended for traveling over 160 kmph on roads.

The Interior Ministry of Saudi Arabia has announced that motorists caught using their phones while driving would be jailed for 24 hours, and have their licenses suspended for traveling over 160 kmph on the nation's roads.
According to Arab News, sixty people were penalised last month for this violation. The traffic department has already suspended services for a number of reckless drivers who exceeded the speed limit of 160 kmph.
Col. Abdulaziz Al-Luhaidan, head of the commission for the development of traffic bodies, made the announcement on a radio program.
Al-Luhaidan said that there would also be severe penalties for speedsters. No one has the right to overturn the commission's rulings, including the head of the ministry's Public Security division, he said.
Al-Luhaidan said the commission can issue rulings on 73 traffic violations, 11 concerned with offenses affecting public safety that can result in imprisonment. These include running red lights, driving in wrong side, driving under the influence, stunt driving, and obscuring number plates.
Meanwhile, Maj. Gen. Ali Al-Rasheedi, spokesman of the traffic police, said a driver found speeding would be sent three text messages, after which they will be asked to appear at the traffic office.
"If the person fails to appear at the given date and time, the department will automatically suspend all his traffic services, and slap a penalty," he said.
The action comes in the wake of a new mechanism called "blocking" which applies to those driving at high speed. They are not allowed to pay the fine through an ATM or online and must appear in person.