May 30, 2018

10-year residency will attract specialist doctors

Long-term visas will support efforts to bring highly skilled medical professionals to UAE, senior industry executives say

Dubai: The health care sector stands to hugely benefit from changes to the UAE’s visa laws, which will provide doctors with long-term residency of up to 10 years, according to senior industry executives.
On Sunday, the UAE Cabinet announced that it would be introducing a new system of entry visas for investors and skilled professionals later this year, providing them with a long-term visa.

In a statement emailed to Gulf News, Dr Rakesh Suri, chief executive of the Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi, said that the decision was an important step towards developing a knowledge-based economy.
“The availability of long-term visas will support our efforts to bring global specialists to the UAE, who in turn will contribute to the development of the next generation of Emirati national caregivers,” Suri said.
A company spokesperson for Mediclinic Middle East, which operates six hospitals and 23 clinics in the UAE, said that the company was pleased to hear the news
“As an international health care company, we actively seek medical experts from around the world and these changes could further encourage individuals to come and work in the UAE,” the spokesperson added.
The new skilled visa is understood to encompass specialists in a range of medical, research and technical fields, as well as scientists and innovators.
Dr Azad Moopen, founder and chairman of Aster DM, said the decision would have a “huge impact” on the health care industry, where doctors are usually reluctant to relocate without a long-term plan.
“The highly skilled medical professionals who are required for setting up tertiary to quaternary care hospitals and institutions for medical education will find it more attractive to come to UAE in view of the long-term prospects. Many of them consider it difficult to relocate for short-term opportunities due to disruption of their professional work as well as their children’s education. These issues will be addressed if they can get an assurance of long-term employment. I firmly believe that the steps adopted by the visionary leaders of UAE in business ownership and long-term residency will help the health care sector positively.”
Dr Majid Shurrab, medical director at Al Tadawi Medical Centre, said: “The Cabinet decision granting 10-year residency visa will play major role in improving the UAE environment and will also make people feel happy to work in the UAE. By giving this privilege, it will attract doctors, pharmacists and engineers to come here and this in return will create a high standard community. This will make health professionals feel secure because they don’t have to worry about their visa for 10 years. They will be able to open their clinics, buy their houses, and bring their families. It will make them feel like they are home.”

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